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Challenges have been sent through email. What you may have missed.

1st challenge last week: Drink 16 oz of water in the morning when you wake up and drink 16 oz of water before eating anything.

2nd challenge: For 5 days take a picture of anything you consume besides water. You should have that down from the 1st week. Put your daily picture log on social media (I did mine in a collage). If you don't want it on social media send it to me for accountability.

The weekend is here and we are ready to enjoy ourselves after saying no to a few tempting foods this past week! Weekend challenge is here...

Saturday: Every time you eat or drink anything (excluding water only) you are to do 50 squat jumps. Regular squats work too if you don't want to jump.

Sunday: Same rules as above apply but change the exercise to high knees with opposite elbow to knee (running in place or marching if you'd rather)

Let me know how you did!!! Have a great weekend:)

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