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Heart rate

Your heart rate is one of the best indicators of how hard your body is working during training. Instead of trying to ‘guesstimate’ the intensity of your workout, your heart rate is a trackable number, just like frequency and duration.

I have incorporated heart rate training during workouts for years and can say that you can improve your heart rate during workouts along with how fast your heart rate recovers. Why not work harder with a lower heart rate rather than tearing yourself down ever workout?

My favorite place to track is during a spin class since you can see the numbers moving a beat or two at a time (straps for the chest are always a little more accurate as there isn't a lag in time when testing).

Improve your hear rate score by tracking and staying in your ranges! Let's get heart healthy y'all! Have questions? If we don't already cover it in class shoot me a message or ask me at the gym😊

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