• Rhoda

Your life is ahead of you

I am so excited to see you all tomorrow! I have had 4 days away from the gym (thank you so much Wendi and Sarah!!!) And so ready to get back to the back to the gym!!!! See you all tomorrow as we get ourselves prepared for life😊

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The gym will be open for 1 hour this Saturday from 7:30-8:30. Wendi will be teaching spin or you are welcome to do your own thing during that time. If you can't make it in have a great run/walk/bike r

I will be getting to the gym a little early if anyone would like an earlier start for compression, bike, rolling, vibration, etc. Tomorrow's schedule... 6am open 7:15 mobility 45 minutes 8:00 spin 45

We will be doing a boot camp circuit on Monday at and 8am💪 intervals between the strength circuit can be cardio or strength options All other days are running as usual😀