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Weekly challenges

Each week try a different healthy habit and see if it makes a difference in how you feel😊 with summer parties it might make it a little more difficult planning ahead but we can absolutely add more vegetables into our diet! It is recommended that adult women consume 2.5 cups of vegetables every day. Adult men should consume 3 cups of vegetables each day (this seems extremely low to me). See how many different vegetables you can consume this week. If the majority of your diet is vegetables you are going to feel great! The goal is to eat a minimum of the recommended above with no more than a fist size per meal of a heavy carb (bread, potato, etc.) Or see if you can do a week without any heavier carbs or sugar☺ you will feel amazing

Get your daily workouts with healthy eating and your energy will skyrocket!

Always challenge yourself to be the strongest and healthiest you can be

See you tomorrow for spin!!!

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