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Strength (no equipment or trx & tube with handles)

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

For those of you with a TRX & Tube with handles.

Additional options to the right including dumbbell/no equipment options.

Warm up for spine, shoulders, hips

1/8xs each way, each exercise

TRX Single and double arm golfers swing (arm swings)

3 rounds without stopping. Grab a drink and move onto next circuit.

Circuit 1:

12 TRX Chest press (Dumbbell chest press, wide push ups)

50 Anchored Tube fast chest press (alternate legs hopping)

Circuit 2

12 TRX row, W to T (Dumbbell reverse fly, row, plank row, traditional push up)

25 Tube Squat Row (squat jump row, doorway row, do you have a treadmill? use the handles to row)

Circuit 3

12 TRX Tricep extension (Dumbbell overhead extension, DB kickback, chair dips straight legs are harder legs elevated even harder)

50 Tube kickbacks fast (anchored with elbows staying at sides. High anchor push down, tricep push up pulse at bottom)

Circuit 4

12 TRX Bicep clutch curl (regular TRX curl, Dumbbell hammer curl, small child or dog? pick them up and toss)

50 Tube curls fast (standing on tube or find something in your home to pulse 50xs)

Circuit 5

12 TRX Ws (Dumbbell W, dumbbell lateral raise, floor W T or Y)

50 Tube upright row (Madonna arms, standing no weight w's fast)

Circuit 6

20 TRX calf raises (facing away from anchor point holding handles leaning on diagonal)

20 TRX Lunge right (lunging knee raise and dumbbells in hands to increase challenge)

20 TRX Lunge left (lunging knee raise)

20 skaters ea leg fast (alternate lunge, walking lunge)

Side steps (stand on tube holding handles at hips for resistance. Choose a distance to challenge or stay stationary side tapping fast for 30 seconds, 25 side leg lifts per side)

Circuit 7 (options TRX, plate, towel)

10 jackknife (bent knee pike)

10 each leg TRX Oblique jackknife (alternate sides)

10 each leg TRX Mountain climber

20 Supermans (floor no equipment)

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