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Start your Sunday with a little warm up

Watch "Do this routine every day after waking up!" on YouTube

If we ever do burpees like that we should never do them lol

Here are some tips in order of the video I would change. The warm ups are good although I like starting from feet up if possible. It is so easy to critique every little thing but the movements are good😊

If time allows during CARS (1st thing he does) add neck rotations if time allows. Also switch hands and do equal rotations per side.

Go all the way up and down during the sumo squat lifting to balls of feet focusing length through your body. Keep hips pushing forward, knees pulling back, spin lifted, shoulders back, chest

Cat and cow .. keep shoulders away from ears engaging core, aka lats, abs glutes

Twice as slow on wrist warm up. Inhale release, exhale into stretch

Do a chin retraction here,, he isn't really.. Notice during push ups chest is open on the way down, core tight still. On way up he holds more of a hollow body contracting abs more. Don't let traps go to ears for this and you are golden. This is great prep for muscle ups and you are doing a similar movement.

Love the boat either fingertips pushing together, thigsh and feet. Create tension there to create tension in abs

Keep abs tight in plank. No tension in neck and back. Stop and reasses if that is the case.

During his kneeling meditation for breathing, that's right. Deep breathe in feeling below your pec/scapula. You never feel the chest expand or above (shoulders do NOT raise).

Sit tall through spine directly over heels.

Typed this quickly and not proof reading, sorry if there are a few mistakes

Happy Sunday!!

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