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Self myofascial release

I love this video. They present a great visual to help understand why rolling/recovery methods are necessary - This scraping tool is only one tool that could be used. Rollers, massage guns, lacrosse ball, etc. are all different tools achieving the same thing. Depending on the muscle a different tool is helpful. If this doesn't make you want to roll I don't know what will haha GET ROLLING EVERYONE

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I will be getting to the gym a little early if anyone would like an earlier start for compression, bike, rolling, vibration, etc. Tomorrow's schedule... 6am open 7:15 mobility 45 minutes 8:00 spin 45

We will be doing a boot camp circuit on Monday at and 8am💪 intervals between the strength circuit can be cardio or strength options All other days are running as usual😀

The evening yoga is switching from Tuesday night to Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30pm. Sign up on the board😊 This begins this week and will continue through November, possibly longer