• Rhoda

Mobility tonight

All those on the board for class tonight are able to come in a little early so class will be from 5-5:45. If you are interested in joining us shoot me a message in case something changes before 5

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2 schedule updates for next week

Monday (labor day) we will have a 1 hour boot camp from 8:30-9:30! Sign up on the board or shoot me a message so I can put you on Wednesday 530 pm mobility is switching to a strength class. Not tonigh

Early start today?

I will be in at 7 today if you need to get anything in earlier today😊 lifting, stretching, rolling, inversion table, vibration, ride time, etc. What does your body need this am? Treat your body right

Bear crawl

If you are ever feeling back pain slow down and focus core strength, hip mobility, etc. There are quite a few things it could be. Pushing through it is not a good choice. Exercise to try...feel fro