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Equipment: Mat, glider, foam roller

Everything below is 8 reps and very slow working on mobility and muscles stabilizing

-T-spine extension on roller (we didn't do the piriformis but another that I couldn't find a picture for. The piriformis is great too)

-Bend head side to side (ear towards shoulder while opp. shoulder pulls down and back)

-Madonna arms (arms out to a T, shoulders down and back, chin retracted, palms up, rotate through shoulder turning arms around with palms up again)

-External shoulder rotation (knuckles on temples, elbows out looking up, bring elbows together in front keeping knuckles on. Think cat and cow)

-Thread the needle to T-twist (fT-twist: lifting arm under body to ceiling in rotation with opp hand under shoulder. keep eyes following arm underneath and then lifted)

-Downdog scorpion knee tuck

-Mermaid with twist and push up. Instead of stopping your arm straight up reach overhead towards bottom hand, control hip down in mermaid then squeeze oblique to lift rotating to plank on hands, push up and repeat other side)

-90/90 series (there were quite a few so I will add the one below)

Go in both directions. Do internal and external rotation of the knees. Modify by putting hands behind you on floor.

-Deep squat t-spine rotation with stand (keep hands holding ankles, head down, lengthen legs)

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