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Memorial day workout🎖8:30-9:30

We wouldn't be where we are today without those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom!!

Navy Lt. Michael Murphy died in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005 during a reconnaissance mission to find a key Taliban leader in Afghanistan.

Murph was one of Lt. Murphy's favorite workouts. He named it "Body Armor," it was renamed as Murph in his honor.

Here's the workout:


8:30 start time

1 mile run to start

Option: 3 miles on spin bike

100 pull ups (rings, bars, bands,etc)

200 push ups (primal, boxes, elevated,etc)

300 squats (body weight, box squat, mobility sticks, etc)

(Pull ups, push ups and squats tabata style 20 seconds as many as you can get with 10 seconds of recovery in a circuit.)

1 mile run

Options: 3 miles on spin bike

Add a weight vest

Core circuit following the Murph😀

Boxes, rings, bands, etc available to assist modifications. Alternate exercises for tabata offered for those wanting a different type of workout. It's still tabata fyi

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