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January schedule update


The first 15 minutes of each class is set up and warm up as usual. If you have specific areas you need to work on outside of the group feel free to do your warm up then join the group at quarter after. We will be working on areas that get you ready for the workout ahead:) As always if you need more time with your own personal workout go for it.

BIKES WILL BE OUT IF YOU WOULD RATHER RIDE THAN KICKBOXING HIIT. Kickboxing HIIT is an agility/cardio workout including the kickbag, ladders, cones, balance training, trampolines, etc.

Yoga with Sarah will resume this month and be updated on the board at the gym. I do not have a definite time/day for this just yet. There are a few people going in the evenings with Eric from 5-6 on 3 random nights of the week that the group will decide together. If interested in being included I will put you in contact with Eric:)

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