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January challenge

The challenge is getting a lot simpler! Choose what your goal is in each area. Pick habits that you've lost along the way that have helped in the past or something you don't do now that will make a difference.

8 weeks


The top 3 people to do their committed goals over the 8 weeks win prizes of their choice wit 1st place choosing first. Paddleboard, commercial pop up tent or foot massager. I have multiple foot massagers since that was requested.

You are allowed weekly to change/amend plan holding onto the habits that are working. No mid week changes. Must plan week ahead prior to start of week. If any of the below goals are easy for you then choose an alternative habit to bring into your life.

1) oz of water daily

2) dietary daily goal

3) Sleep (choose time you will be in bed, regular bedtime if able)

4) Personal habit. whatever you feel would improve your life

5) Physical health - We need 7 days a week here. This will include daily workouts, rolling, stretching, etc.You pick the time you can commit to your physical health and I will fill in the rest, or you can obviously. With the option of weekly revision you can plan each week according to life at that time. Are you on vacation during this challenge? The commited time can change. What would you like your vacation to look like with a little preplanning to keep you on track? This doesn't need to be intense but being mindful that you have done something for your body. I would suggest somewhere around 1 hour a day for your physical health outside of vacations. I would love to give you goals while on vacation!

Let's get 2023 started off right together!!


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