• Rhoda

Dumbbell strength/cardio circuit

Equipment: Dumbbells (DB) & ball (floor is optional)

3 sets 20 reps of each. 2 exercises per circuit

Make the weight challenging while maintaining form

Warm up: Arm swing, leg swing, cat and cow/updog/downdog

3/20 Ball DB chest press (bridge position)

3/20 Ball DB hip thruster (place chest DB weight on hips)

3/20 DB Row

3/20 Squat jacks

3/20 Bicep curl

3/20 Burpees (squat thrust, no push up)

3/20 DB standing overhead tricep extension

3/20 Mountain climbers (20 per leg)

3/20 DB deadlift

3/20 Lunge hop

3/20 DB lateral raise

3/20 Standing knee pull (20 per leg)

3/20 Reverse hyper

3/20 Elevated tuck jump (hands on box, table, etc. jump high)

3/20 DB arm/leg drop SLOW down, FAST up (double leg raise with arms reaching away holding weight: aka, double leg deadbug, double leg stretch, etc) modify with 1 leg

3/2020 bicyles (20 each leg)

Stretch: Calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, outer & inner hip, back, chest, tricep, bicep, shoulders and neck

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