• Rhoda

Bear crawl

If you are ever feeling back pain slow down and focus core strength, hip mobility, etc. There are quite a few things it could be. Pushing through it is not a good choice. Exercise to try...feel from your lats to your hips and don't forget the hips don't sway⭐ abs should be on fire as you lift opposing arm/leg at the same time

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This coming Monday the gym will be open from 8:00-9:30, class from 8:30-9:30. There will be a strength circuit set up with the option of cardio circuits between. You are also welcome to do the Murph,

Tomorrow is my race🙂 Sarah Silvestro will be teaching spin at 8, abs at 845. Jud the will be opening the doors at 630. If he takes off before sarah arrives the door will be unlocked. (No mobility tom

The weather is looking good for outside spin tomorrow! If it is 60 and not too humid we will be outside🙂 wear layers if needed