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"basement workout"

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

You will need a timer set to go off for 10 to 20 second intervals. Take 30 seconds to grab water between each section bringing it just over the 30 minutes. The vinyasa posted earlier today would be a good dynamic warm up. Save 5 minutes minimum for stretch at end.

Equipment: Mat, Glider (paper plate, towel, cardboard options), chair, stairs or sturdy stool

Tabata 10 + 20 second intervals 3 rounds of each (7.5 minute rounds)

Floor work (15 feet or more preferably)

10 seconds march recovery - 20 seconds moving across floor + back

March - High knees crossing arms front

March - Front sprint /backpedal

March - Skaters

March - Hamstring curls

March - Side shuffle

low squat for 10 second recovery before 20 second exercise below

Squat jump

Squat jacks

Lateral squat alternates

Lunge hop (modify with alternate lunge stepping back)

Single leg deadlift hop (right 1round 1, left round 2 )

Box (use your stairs if box or sturdy stool is unavailable)

Toe taps slow for 10 second recovery before 20 second exercise below

Box run right

Box run left

Dips (add kicks to advance. use a chair, bench)

Knee raise (right round 1, left round 2)

Toe taps fast

Gliders (options: paper plate on carpet or cardboard, towel on tile or wood)

Plank on 10 second recovery round 1 before 20 second exercise below

Round 2 plank rotations

Round 3 supermans


Mountain climbers

Mermaid pike right (oblique pike reach top arm under body or elbows down)

Mermaid pike left

Jack push ups (modify to knees on push up. If you feel traps/neck stop)

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