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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

OK, our stay home stay safe order has been extended for 3 more weeks (May 15th).

As soon as this is lifted and they allow people to workout in small groups outdoors the plan will be limiting our class size to that very number. We are all used to doing that anyways since we are a small training studio based on sign up this should be easy. Spin bikes can definitely be put outside as we already do this and space them apart. We can do as we were doing before and not share equipment.

Some have stated that they prefer the workouts being sent by email. Let me know if you have not been getting emails about food challenges, workouts, etc. This past week I have not been able to send the workouts however as Eric is still only part time but working full days leaving me with the little one (impossible to get anything done as he plays with the computer if I sit at it). With things changing again I will need to adjust when I am able to get the workouts to you. At this time the day has turned to Saturday. I will be typing up some workouts from the week to follow:) Look back at the ones on the blog here to mix it up.

We will be starting a 4 day food challenge if anyone is interested. Summer is coming believe it or not! Let's stay positive and focused over these next few weeks and we will see each other again. Details coming

If anyone reads or sees anything where we can do outdoor workouts together based on a number of people let me know and we will do that!

Look for the workout program tomorrow along with the 4 day food challenge beginning Monday. Keep checking the blog for updates and let me know what else I can do for you. Have a great weekend!!

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