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1st day back!

What a great 1st day back everyone!!!! I had a great time and got some much needed lifting in:) I hope that you had fun working on your 120 hanging leg raises:) If you aren't feeling your abs from lower abs up we need to find what exercise will target that muscle better for you.

Tomorrow we will be doing useless trivia during spin:) We will be listening to some new music but oldies too so everyone will be a little happy:) Let's spin!

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Hope to see you tomorrow for kickboxing HIIT & neck mobility🥊💆‍♀️🧘‍♀️ Classes are outside at 60 degrees as long as the weather is dry, not too hot. Time for layers🌄🌅🌞🚲


Starting tomorrow we are switching to open gym Saturday's from 7-9. Spin bikes will be out with music on. Come in and get in whatever you need🏆 Wendi will be at the gym in my place while I am in Wisc

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WEDNESDAY (March 1) 5 & 6 am primal (like trx strength)w/ Wendi 5pm spin & 6 pm yoga w/Sarah (message me if interested) THURSDAY (March 2) 5 & 6 am spin w/ Wendi FRIDAY (March 3) 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 circ


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