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 5-minute+ stretch at the end of each class time.

Contact Rhoda to sign up, first class free.

Check the schedule to reserve your spot as space is limited to 16 people

You will not be expected to "push through it". Posture first, speed/intensity follows:) Proper muscle engagement is always first. 

Circuit training

Strength/cardio intervals. Fast paced interval training class where anything goes! Expect sleds, weights, ropes, primal 7 (suspension training/TRX), bands, balls, running, jumping, etc. Multiple variations available if an exercise is not great for you just yet. 




Reach your goals improving distance and speed with music pushing you along the way. This is a cardio class sure to burn high calories. Bring water, towel and spin shoes with spd clips. Sign up required as space is limited.

Mermaid with twist.jpg
Mermaid with twist.jpg

Stretching in all forms, foam rolling, etc. Take time for recovery and leave feeling great!
Strength training

Train movements, not muscles. Build your body as a single unit improving core strength, muscle balance, musculoskeletal abnormalities and neuromuscular control. The goal of functional movement is lower chance of injury. This is how the body moves...

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